Marti Sings on Ben Harper's CD "Get Up!"


You can hear Marti on Ben Harper &  Relentless 7's new CD, "Get Up!" with legendary bluesman Charlie Musselwhite.  Check for more info. (Below:  Marti, Charlie, Ben, C.C. White and Pebbles Phillips)

Below, Marti with Ben Harper & Relentless 7, recording "Crazy Love" for Sweet Relief Musician's Fund benefit CD.


Yoga DVD Soundtrack

Check out this inspiring Yoga DVD trailer!  Marti has composed the soundtrack for the epic Vinyasa Yoga DVD "Flowing on the Nile."   Ashtanga Vinyasa/Raja Yoga instructor and Shaolin Kung-Fu blackbelt Leah Briggs takes you through a powerful series of yoga asanas (postures), set against the breathtaking backdrop of sacred sites in Egypt.  Be prepared to journey deep into the architecture and vibration of your Being,   "Flowing on the Nile" is due for release soon!  Meanwhile, enjoy this inspiring trailer!  Visit for more information.


Flowing on the Nile Yoga DVD Trailer

Feature in Origin Magazine

Benefit w/Ben, Joan Osborne & Jackson Browne

September 19th - Marti sings benefit concert at The Mint in LA with Ben Harper and his band Relentless7, featuring Joan Osborne. (Also sharing the stage:  Jackson Browne and Tom Morello.)

In the photo:  Ben Harper, C.C. White, Jackson Browne, Marti Walker, Pebbles Phillips

Ben Harper at the Mint LA

Marti's Latest CD "Revolution"

From deeply introspective and inspirational moments to infectious worldbeat dance grooves, "Revolution" is a musical/spiritual journey like no other.  Marti's mesmerizing, timeless voice is the silken thread that weaves jazz, soul, pop, Latin and Sanskrit mantra in an eclectic yet interconnected tapestry of delight!  Produced by Marti and Girish, and featuring a stellar cast of musicians.

"Rasa Lila" is the name of Marti's sacred chant and kirtan project.  The experience of Rasa Lila is that of losing oneself in a state of devotion leading to higher consciousness.

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