Marti is a gifted performer, recording artist and songwriter.  In addition to being an eclectic singer who has mastered more styles than one would generally imagine possible, she is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing flute, percussion and piano.  A formally trained musician from the age of five, Marti’s diverse cultural, musical and spiritual influences have amalgamated into what she calls “sacred global soul,” with original songs in English, Spanish and Sanskrit.  From haunting, ethereal vocals to earthy jazz, blues, Latin and pop influences, the depth and intuitive nature of her musical performances result in an unforgettable experience for the listener.

Marti received formal training in flute and jazz studies at both Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Berklee College of Music. She's also studied with and/or received tutelage under: acclaimed composer Daniel Perlongo, pioneer contemporary flautist Robert Dick, Jorge Pardo (Paco de Lucia), Cuban percussionist Evelio Machado, drummer "Rakalam" Bob Moses, composer Bevan Manson, Spanish vocalist Olga Cerpa, jazz vocalist and instrumentalist Bili Redd Thedford, vocalist Jill Jaxx and others.  She's performed, recorded or toured as a solo artist and as a side-musician throughout Spain (including the Canary Islands), Scotland, Indonesia and South America.

She has recorded or performed with an array of world music as well as mainstream artists - from jazz & R&B to pop, rock and Latin.  Artists include:  Ben Harper, Joan Osborne, Walfredo Reyes Jr., C.C. WhiteMestisay/Olga Cerpa (Spain), John Rae (Scotland/Spain), Dave StringerGirish, Ganga Giri (Australia, U.S.), Argentine legend Leo (and Nico) Dan,  Yeshe, Tony Khalife, Ben Leinbach, Ron Pedley, Geoffrey Gordon, X-Tribe, Prema Hara, Shantala, Steve Gold, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe and Tina Malia.

Noted yoga instructors with whom she's collaborated for "live music yoga classes" or "live yoga soundscapes" include:  Saul David Raye, Denise Kaufman, Micheline Berry, Mas Vidal, Kristin Olson, Erika Burkhalter, Shiva Rea (with Girish and Steve Gold), Janet Stone (with Girish), Michelle Libeu, Ann  DaPrato, Leah Briggs, Amber Samplin, Jen Haren, Stella Ida Tryon and Tracy Trapnell.

She has become a sensation at yoga and music festivals like  Bhakti Fest (Joshua Tree, CA), Wanderlust (Squaw Valley/Lake Tahoe), Mystic Garden (Oregon), Om Music Festival (Santa Cruz), Moksha Yoga & Ayurveda (Santa Monica), and Leaders Causing Leaders Conference.  She has also performed at the World's Fair in Seville, Glasgow International Jazz Festival and Bali Spirit Festival.

Her English-Spanish crossover song, “Take My Hand/Mano En Mano,” from her self-titled debut album, was the inspiration for the “Mano En Mano, Somos Hermanos” Peace & Unity Celebration in Concepción, Chile, in November 2009, where she was the featured performer.