Theme song for "Toma Mi Mano, Somos Hermanos," presented by Conciencia Con Amor, in Concepción, Chile. Marti Walker on vocals, flute & djembe; Frank Garcia additional vocals.



Take my hand – toma mi mano (take my hand)
Porque somos hermanos (Because we’re brothers) – we were born different forms of each other.
Take my hand – ‘favor, tomemos manos. (Please, let’s take hands)
I call to every nation – estoy rogando a todas las naciones.

Mano en mano, seamos hermanos. (Hand in hand, let’s be as brothers)
Put your hand in mine and we will live as brothers.
Mano en mano, seamos unidos. (Hand in hand, let’s be united)
With your hand in mine, we vow to love each other.

Verse 1

He says Yahweh, she says Rama – some pray to Ra and others call to Allah.
You may see your way as the only way to God -
I see love as greater than any of these names combined.

Verse 2

Oran a Brahma y a Buddha también. Otros piden a Krishna que les dé su bendición.
Tantos nombres y tanta confusion – yo digo que el amor será nuestra salvación.

(There are those who pray to Brahma, and to Buddha, too. Others ask blessings of Krishna.
So many names, and so much confusion – I say that love will be our salvation.)