Latin/jazz world fusion.


Brothers, sisters, let us open our ears –
give our hearts & shed our tears…
Create a river, roaring, flowing,
power moving us to let it all go.
Let it carry us on through –
let it wash away this pain & illusion, revealing truth.

How long will it take for us to see the mess we’ve been making? Oh, how long will it take?
And how long before we begin to understand
the love that we have to give is all we’ll ever need?
It’s all we’ll ever need.

It’s far too easy to retreat into fear –
ignoring what is here.
Always thinking, never willing to surrender ourselves too deeply –
let our hearts carry us through – let them open us to all this beauty, all that is You.

You said “place all your burdens down at My feet.” Then I began to weep.
You’d think we’d have learned to love one another in these past 2,000 years –
let our love carry us through, let it open us to all this beauty, all that is You.